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Regency Letters Four

Regency Letters Four
20th February. From Captain Robert Jenson to his sister Lady Horatia Melton

Dearest One

I write to tell you that within the month I am to be given home leave. I intend to visit you and my sister and mother. I am always delighted to hear your news, whether it be a cry of pleasure or a cry from your heart, Horatia. It will be of great delight to me to see you again and I hope to find both you and my sister and mother well.

Your brother has been awarded another honour. I am to be presented at court by the Regent himself and I very much hope you shall be present at the reception afterwards. I am not certain whether you will be residing in London or at Melton's seat, but if you are there you must certainly come up to town for a few days at least. Melton will surely let you go for such an event and I rely on you to take me about with you and introduce me to all your friends.

I long to see you, dear one, and shall be with you very soon.

6th March 1816. From Lady Horatia Melton to her brother Captain Robert

Dear Robert

I think our letters must have crossed. You may since have received mine telling you of our sister's loss, in which case you will know that I am now in Bath. As our sister is in too much distress for me to leave her, I suggest that you post down to visit us if you have sufficient leave. I am distraught that your visit should come at such a time for I should have loved to show you off to all my friends. However, we have good friends here in Bath and I know they will appreciate an extra gentleman at dinner. One can never have too many dearest, and a single gentleman as handsome as you undoubtedly are, dearest, is always welcome.

I am making this note very short so that you will receive it and lose no time in coming to see us – me! I need to talk to you, Robert. There is something I would say that I cannot, absolutely cannot, commit to paper. Please, please do come. I wish that you were stationed nearer and can only be glad that you are no longer in India.

I cannot say more at this time for I am in a flutter of anticipation. I expect a visitor at any moment.

I send my undying love and congratulations. You are always deserving of honour in my estimation.

Your loving sister.

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