Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Happy Christmas to my readers

I have been so busy of late that I've neglected my posts. Hopefully in the New Year the move will be completed and I'll be back to normal. I cannot wait to start writing regularly again!

At the moment I have Hostage Bride out, which is a medieval and I think my readers will enjoy. Next year there is a Regency Trilogy coming out in consecutive months, which should be good for those who love that period. Also I think there's a double book coming out in the spring, also Regency.

I had hoped to write a short Christmas story for my readers but in all the bother of getting ready to move it didn't get done. However, I hope to put something up for you soon.

As a Christmas gift to my readers, just email me at linda@lindasole.co.uk to receive a free copy of A Dangerous Masquerade - Northaven's Story.

Happy Christmas to you all and may 2012 be a wonderful year for everyone.

Love from Linda/Anne Herries

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Melford Dynasty

Because Readers are finding it a little confusing I painstakingly drew out a family tree but blogger wouldn't copy it properly so I've written the various marriages and the children of those marriages here, providing the titles of the books they feature in and their number. Because one was published out of sequence and another was published in a double book in Uk it isn't surprising readers are finding it difficult to sort out who is who.

I hope this helps.

Robert Melford married Melissa Whitbread. They had 4 children
Harry Catherine Anne and young brother who died in infancy
Available in PB and ebook UK & USA
Forbidden Lady is their book (Book 1)

Harry married Claire St. Cloud in 1507 and had 3 children
Annabel, Richard, Mary Fitzroy
Her Dark and Dangerous Lord is Harry’s book as well as his sister Anne’s book.
(Book 3)

Catherine married Andrew Earl of Gifford in 1501 and had 2 children
Sarah b 1502 and Anton 1503
The Lord’s Forced Bride is Catherine’s book (book2)

Anton’s story is Fugitive Countess: available in single ebook @fictionwise or in Wayward Woman double book at amazon PB & ebook UK as ebook at USA amazon.
(Book 4)

Anne married Simon de Montfort in 1507 and had one son Sebastien b.1508
This was book 3 Her Dark and Dangerous Lord

Children of Harry

Annabel Melford married John Devere in 1525 and had 2 children, Mary and Justin. Born. 1530

Justin’s story is The Pirate’s willing Captive. Book five but published fourth by M&B in error.

This is the Melford Dynasty so far. Another is on the way and when it is published I shall explain who Rupert is here.

People say they love the book and I hope to continue the Dynasty for a while and I'll update you on my blogs in future.

Love from Anne

PS Hostage Bride is a new medieval out next month.

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Because He Needs Me, in print!

Because He Needs Me is a book I've done as Lynn Granville. From Leap of Faith publishing it is in ebook and now in print. You can find the ebook at amazon in kindle, in ARE and in Nook at Barnes & Noble and other outlets as well as Leap of Faith's own site. It will shortly be showing up at various outlets in print.


Please enjoy the excerpt.

Oh, God, she hoped he wouldn’t come over! Janni had recognized the one man she hadn’t wanted to see at this wedding. It was ages since she’d been in the same room with Nick Hamilton, and she really hadn’t given the idea that he might be here a thought, though she should have done. It couldn’t matter, of course. Whatever there had been between her and Nick had been over years ago – when he married. Not that it had ever been very much even then!
Janni had been through several love affairs since then, the latest of which had recently ended in tears and recriminations. What was wrong with her for goodness sake? Why couldn’t she find someone who really cared, someone who would give her a home and family, and love – most importantly love?
Nick was glancing her way again, obviously deciding whether or not he ought to come over and say hello. Where was his wife? Janni hadn’t noticed her – and you couldn’t miss a woman like that! Sarah was gorgeous, so it was no wonder that Nick had fallen for her hook line and sinker.
Janni glanced across the hotel’s crowded reception room at the bride and groom; she felt a pang of envy despite her satisfaction at Alice’s obvious happiness. Sheer delight seemed to shine out of her friend’s eyes, testifying to her state of mind. Janni didn’t grudge that happiness one little bit, but couldn’t help wishing that her own life was a little more settled.
Alice and Peter were the perfect pair, and Janni had introduced them nine months ago. Her own lovelife had been blossoming then, but for the past few weeks she had been nursing a bruised ego. Fortunately, it seemed that her heart was pretty resilient, which it would need to be after the way Mark had treated her recently.
Perhaps it was a combination of seeing Nick unexpectedly, and her friend’s shining happiness that made Janni feel so dejected all of a sudden. Damn Mark! He really wasn’t worth getting upset over. One day he’d been eagerly talking about buying a house together, almost the next he was announcing that he was off to America on a three-year research project.
“So what happens to us?” Janni had asked, feeling bewildered by Mark’s sudden about turn.
“It was never going to be more than a temporary arrangement,” he’d said, taking her breath away. “Nothing is forever, Janni. Besides, this is a chance I can’t miss.”
He hadn’t asked her to keep in touch, or whether she would consider giving up her job at the local hospital to go with him. She had sensed his excitement and known he wanted to be free – and that had hurt!
The sharp pain had gone now, but she was still feeling bruised. So much so that when she saw the undeniably attractive man walking towards her, she immediately hoisted her shield into place. Why had he of all people had to be here? And why must he bother to come over and say hello?
She’d had a thing for Doctor Nick Hamilton once, when they were both working at a London teaching hospital, but he’d hardly noticed her. He had fallen in love with and married a very beautiful woman, and they’d lost touch when he moved. Until now, Janni hadn’t seen him for years, but he was a friend of Peter’s, and had been invited for the wedding. It was natural, of course, and she would have realized it if she had thought about it earlier.
“They look happy don’t they?” Nick said glancing at the bride and groom. “Peter and Alice. “
Janni took a deep breath. There was no escaping it! She smiled and nodded. “Yes, I was just thinking the same thing.”
“Peter had been through a rough time before he met Alice – but you know that, of course. You introduced them, didn’t you?”
“Yes, I can claim the credit for that, but they did all the rest themselves.”
He seemed amused at her quip, and hesitated for a second or two. “I know this isn’t the right time to talk shop, but Alice tells me you are thinking of changing your job – going for something new. I wondered if you might consider working for us at the surgery as a practice nurse?”
Janni was startled. He had taken her completely by surprise and she gave no thought to her answer before replying negatively. “I am flattered that you asked,” she said. “But I am happy where I am – and I’ve never considered anything but hospital work.”
“The nurses I need never have,” Nick replied and grinned. “If they had, they probably wouldn’t be what I was looking for. Don’t make that a final no, Janni. Think about it please. If you are truly happy where you are then that’s all there is to it – but if there’s even a chance you might consider coming to us, if only for a few months, I should like to hear from you.” He took a card from his pocket and handed it to her. “I think you would be pleasantly surprised if you paid us a visit. We have all the latest equipment at the surgery. Peter has made sure of that, believe me.”
Janni's heart did a quick tango but she suppressed her foolishness.
Peter and Nick were partners in the country practice as well as friends, and Alice had burned Janni’s ears with stories of how beautiful the village was – and the surrounding countryside.
Alice had been a Theatre Sister before her marriage, but she planned on having a family almost at once. “Before my biological clock runs out,” she’d told Janni laughingly. “I’ve done my stint for the NHS – and I can always go back part time when the children are at school.”
“Yes, I imagine he would,” Janni replied with a wry look. “Alice told me Peter has to have everything just so.”
“We’re in agreement as far as that goes – which is why we both want you, Janni. Why don’t you think about it? Alice is your best friend, isn’t she? It would mean you were able to see her more often, and I understand you are having difficulties at the moment.”
“I see Alice has been telling tales out of school.” Janni frowned.
“She just told me things hadn’t gone well for you, and that you were thinking of making a change. Nothing personal,” Nick assured her. He glanced at his watch and frowned. “Anyway, it was nice speaking to you again, Janni. I must have a word with Alice and Peter before they leave. Give me a call if you are interested, won’t you?” He handed her his card.
“Yes, if I’m interested,” Janni replied, tucking his card into her pocket as he walked away. Her foolish heart was still misbehaving itself. Nick was as attractive as ever, she thought, dressed in a stylish, collarless dark blue suit that showed only a flash of white at the neck and looked as if it might be Armani. It was the kind of suit that was good on young, athletic men and she recalled that he had been keen on sport when she’d known him before. His hair was dark blond and a little longer than she normally liked on a man – but why was she letting herself think about him at all? He was married and she had no intention of getting involved again for a long, long time. Especially with a married man!

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Bought For the Harem

My latest book with Mills and Boon is now on sale in UK in paperback and ebook. Captive of the Harem was my best selling book for HMB. It did very well in Japan, reprinting several times and is also in Chinese comic strip in ebook. It is great fun to see and worth the money just to see what oen of my books looks like in picture format, though I can't read it. The pictures tell their own story.

I've just completed Northaven's story. He was the rogue in the Hanover Square series, which has been popular with readers. Several people emailed and asked me to write his story, which I did. I also have another new book completed and being read, which is set at the time of the Gunpowder plot, this is part of the Melford Dynasty series.

My next book out is Hostage Bride. The hardback is out in October and the paperback and digital will be in December. It's my first medieval for a while for HMB so I hope my readers will enjoy that one.

At the moment I'm taking a little time off because we had doing renovating a bungalow, which will be our new home when it's ready.

Love to all my readers and I hope you are enjoying Bought For the Harem.


Friday, 22 July 2011

A Review from Romantic Times


Very exciting! A Country Miss in Hanover Square received a four star review with RT.

This is the first book in a trilogy.

A Country Miss In Hanover Square
An Innocent Miss in Hanover Square
The Mistress of Hanover Square.

Fans can have a free papaerback book by mailing me through the website.


It is a four star review.

Best wishes, Anne

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Bought For The Harem

Here is a small taste of my new book coming in August. Already published in USA it will be published in UK this year. I hope you enjoy this excerpt.

‘This is an assignment I would trust to no other, Kasim. Prince Hassan is very precious to me. He will soon be of the age to marry and I must find the right wife for him. He already has many beautiful women in his harem but none of them are what is needed. Hassan will take my place when I die…’ The Caliph waved his hand as Kasim would have protested. ‘It is as Allah wills, my son. All men must die to take their place in Paradise. I shall not shrink from death when my time comes – but I would have my son secure. He needs a woman of both exceptional beauty and intelligence but also spirit. She will produce his heir. His mother was such a woman and this is what I want for my son.’

Kasim looked at him thoughtfully. ‘Is there no one within the ranks of your fellow lords with a daughter that would fill your requirements? She at least would be a Muslim and trained in all the things she should know to fit her for her duties as the prince’s chief wife.’

The Caliph was silent for a moment. His eyes held a cold glitter as he looked at Kasim and his mouth formed a thin hard line. ‘If I chose a wife from one important family I should make an enemy of another. You know the jealousy of the tribal chiefs, Kasim. We are constantly having to suppress uprisings and small rebellions amongst the chieftains of the north. My own wife came from the country that gave you birth and I wish for an English wife for my son.’

‘You wish me to buy a woman from the slave markets of Algiers?’

‘Yes, that is my wish. Choose wisely, my son. The price is immaterial. I want a jewel beyond price for Prince Hassan.’

‘It shall be as you command.’

Kasim bowed to his royal master and took five steps backward, before turning to leave the presence chamber. He was frowning as he made his way towards his own apartments in the palace. The Caliph treated him with respect and even affection. A tall, handsome man with dark hair and deep blue eyes, he owed his position here to a man he knew to be ruthless and yet compassionate, wise and yet sometimes ruled by his ruthless nature. Kahlid was a just ruler of his province, which he held in subservience to the Sultan, but he gave no quarter to his enemies. To raise your hand against him and fail was to die. Kasim had recently returned from an expedition to crush a rebellious tribe to the north of the Caliph’s territory. He had done so efficiently and with as little wanton bloodshed as possible, but he knew that the prisoners the Janissaries had brought back would receive harsh punishment. There was nothing he could do to change that fact, and any interference would be frowned on.

However, he would not be there to see the punishments for he must leave as soon as he could provision his ship. A request from the Caliph was an order. Kasim must find a bride for the young prince – and an English girl of exceptional beauty and intelligence.

He smiled ruefully for it was not an easy task. Given the choice he would ride out to do battle against the mountain tribes and leave the purchase of slaves to another more inclined for it. The slave masters of Algiers would have many men, women and children on offer. Some of the women would be beautiful and might end up in the harem of the Sultan himself but the Caliph had been precise in his instructions.

The woman must be beautiful, spirited and intelligent – and English. Kasim knew that he might need to spend many months searching for such a woman.

HMB are moving to simultaneous publication, here and USA together. It means some books will overlap and be published there only in digital, and some books here, already published there, will be brought out in double books. That may be a little disappointing in some ways but I believe the simultaneous publication to be a good thing, as books are now available both sides of the 'Pond' once they are published in either country and because some readers buy parcels of books they could find themselves inadvertantly buying a book they had read. So well done HMB for finding a sensible solution.

Best wishes to all
Anne Herries

Friday, 10 June 2011

Hostage Bride

This is an excerpt from my Medieval book coming out in December in HB and Feb next year in Paperback

Rosamunde looked down from the solar at the top of the tower, watching the activity in the courtyard below. The compound was filled with men, horses and dogs, because the hunting party had just returned. The huntsmen seemed to have been successful and there was evidence of more than one kill. That meant that Lady Meldreth and her women would be busy for a few days salting the flesh of wild boar into barrels for the winter, but most of the game and venison would be roasted for the feast the next day.
She was not yet thirteen years of age, but Rosamunde was accustomed to helping her mother in her still room; she kept accounts and embroidered hangings to keep the chill from the stone walls of her father’s keep. She was wise beyond her years and knew that Sir Randolph Meldreth was not as rich and successful as some of the knights he was entertaining. Behind her, she could hear her mother complaining.
‘If you do not watch your spending, husband, you will ruin us,’ she scolded. ‘The King is off to the crusades and you will earn no favours by entertaining him and his knights to a lavish feast. You would do better to save our money and wait until you see which way the wind blows. Prince John is to be Regent in Richard’s place and it is he you should seek to please now.’
‘Hush woman. Richard asked me to entertain his friends for a few days,’ Sir Randolph replied in his cheerful, easy manner. ‘It is an honour, wife. Besides, I cannot refuse. If my health did not prevent it, I should offer my sword to this holy cause and go with the King.’
‘Then I must thank God that you have the agues and cannot ride for days and weeks at a time,’ Lady Meldreth’s mouth turned down sourly. ‘The King may be gone for years and only God knows if he and his knights will ever return.’
Unwilling to listen to yet another quarrel between her parents, Rosamunde went quietly from the room. She walked down the narrow spiral staircase to the great hall below the solar. Some of the men were already spilling into the large room, laughing and talking excitedly as they boasted to one another of the day’s exploits. One of them had brought his dogs in with him and they were sniffing at the rushes, yelping and growling as they hunted for scraps that might have been tossed to the floor.
Suddenly, a small kitten rushed at one of the hounds and scratched its nose; it had obviously been startled by the arrival of the dogs and lashed out in fright. The great hound stared at it for a moment then growled and pounced, intending to crush it between its heavy jaws.
‘No, please, do not let the dog harm my kitty,’ Rosamunde cried and rushed towards them. Somehow the kitten had avoided capture thus far and she flung herself on it, clutching it to her breast as the dog snarled and jumped at her trying to reach its prey, its sharp teeth snapping inches from her face. ‘Get down you, brute. Leave my poor kitty alone.’
The dog saw only the kitten. It reared up on its hind legs to growl and bark as it attempted to grab its prey from her. Rosamunde screamed as the dog’s saliva dripped on her and its yellow fangs scraped her hand.
‘Down, you cur,’ a voice cried and then a youth, dressed in a short parti-tunic of blue and silver over black hose, caught hold of its collar and dragged it off her. The dog snarled and fought but the youth hauled it to the door and thrust it outside, where it could be heard barking fiercely.
Rosamunde ran to a corner of the hall and sat down on the stone floor, hunching her knees to her chest and hugging the terrified kitten. Tears trickled down her cheeks because she was frightened and her hand hurt where the dog’s fangs had scraped her skin.
‘Are you hurt, little mistress?’
Rosamunde glanced up as the youth spoke. He was perhaps sixteen or so and handsome, with dark blond hair and blue eyes. His mouth was wide and generous and there was concern in his eyes as he looked at her.
‘I thought he would kill my kitten,’ she said and wiped her hand over her cheek. ‘I’m not frightened for myself.’
‘Of course not,’ he said and smiled. ‘Did the dog’s teeth break the skin?’
Rosamunde showed him her hand. His fingers were gentle as they examined the red marks the dog’s fangs had made.
‘The brute has not drawn blood. I think you will not take harm from it.’
‘You were in time to save me,’ she said. ‘I thank you, sir. What is your name? Are you here because you’re going to the crusades?’
‘Aye, that is my reason for being here.’ His eyes lit up. ‘It is a wonderful chance for me to win glory and fame, and perhaps a knighthood. My father will not join the King’s cause but I think it an honour.’
‘Shall you fight the Saracens? My mother says they are fierce fighters and many will die in a foolish cause.’
‘We fight for a holy cause, little mistress,’ he said. ‘Your mother does not understand that men will gladly risk everything for such honour and glory.’
‘I do not think I should like you to be killed,’ Rosamunde said, looking at him shyly. ‘You are so brave. The hound could have bitten you but you did not think of yourself.’
‘It was nothing. I knew the dog was too strong for you. He would not have stopped until he had the kitten and, since you would not let go, you could have been seriously injured.’
‘Raphael. Here to me, sirrah. I need you.’
‘My master calls me,’ Raphael said. ‘Sir Harold of Fernshaw trained me his squire and I owe him allegiance. If it were not for him I should not have this opportunity. Excuse me, little mistress. I have work to do.’
‘My name is Rosamunde,’ she whispered but she did not know if he heard her. ‘When you return to England visit us again, sir. I shall be here waiting for you.’
The young man turned his head and smiled at her once more. Rosamunde’s heart raced, her breath quickening. She was only a child but the men would be many years at the crusades and by the time they returned she would be a woman.
Would Raphael remember her? She would never forget him but perhaps he believed her merely a child. His thoughts were only of the Holy Land and the adventures he would discover there.
‘Come back safely,’ she whispered as she stroked the kitten and kissed its soft head. ‘I shall not forget you, Raphael. One day I pray we shall meet again.’

Sunday, 5 June 2011

News from Anne Herries

This it the latest available book - in paperback and ebook from amazon and other outlets.

Here is a small excerpt from my new book coming out in USA first at the end of this year. In USA at the moment I have the Hanover Square triolgy coming out and here in Uk I have Bought For the Harem in paperback in August.


Make-Believe Wife, Anne Herries

'Damn you, sir. I have had enough of your wild behaviour,' the Earl of
Hartingdon thundered at his grandson. 'I shall not tolerate the disgrace
you have brought upon us.'

'Forgive me,' Luke, Viscount Clarendon, said and looked contrite.
'This should never have come to your ears. Rollinson was a fool and a
knave to come prattling to you, sir.'

Tall and almost painfully thin, yet with a commanding presence, the
earl's bushy white eyebrows met in a frown of disapproval.

'Do you deny that you seduced the man's wife?'

Luke hesitated. The truth of the matter was that he had no idea
whether or not he had seduced Adrina Rollinson. The evening in question
was hazy to say the least. He had been three sheets to the wind and,
when he'd woken to find himself lying next to the naked and undoubtedly
voluptuous beauty, he had hardly been given time to wonder before her
husband came storming into the summerhouse to demand satisfaction.

'I can only tell you that I have no memory of it happening, sir.'

'What sort of an answer is that, pray?' the earl demanded. 'You
puzzle me, Luke. You have had every advantage and yet you insist on
carrying your wildness to excess. If you cannot recall making love to a
woman like Lady Rollinson, you must have been drunk.'

Indeed, that I shall own,' Luke said instantly. 'I would not call
the lady a liar, but I doubt I was capable of making love that night.'

'I suppose your taste is for whores?'

'I do not know what you may have been told of me, sir, but I assure
you I have done nothing of which I am ashamed.'

'Indeed? I know that you have bought a house and intend to set up
your mistress in Hampstead.' The earl's top lip curled in scorn. 'You
are a disgrace to your family. Thank God your parents did not live to
see what you have become.'

'Perhaps had they lived I might have been otherwise.'

'Are you blaming me? Impudent pup!' The earl's eyes darkened with
temper. 'Well, sir, I have done with you. It was in my mind to make you
my sole heir, for although the estate is entailed, the patent allows the
title to pass through the female line and my fortune is my own to
dispose of as I wish. However, I have a cousin who would restore both
honour and fortune to the family name.'

'Horatio Harte, I presume? I wish you joy of him, sir.' Luke's
temper was barely in check. 'Good afternoon. I shall not trouble you
with my presence again.'

'I did not give you leave to go.'

'Yet I believe I shall. You have never liked me, sir. I have done
things of which I am not particularly proud, but I am not the rogue you
think me.'

Hope you enjoyed the taster.
Love to all my fans.

I'm on twitter now @Anne Herries

Monday, 23 May 2011

Regency Letters

This is the cover for my latest book out in America. Coming soon here is Bought for the Harem and the Hanover Square trilogy is the next up for America.

Hope you enjoy the last of the letters.

Dearest Mama

I write to you from Italy, where I have spent a pleasant month with my sister Horatia and her friends. I must tell you that the climate suits my health and I have decided to settle here. There is a very pleasant villa not far from my sister's home and it is there I shall live. The estate will e sold and while I realise this may leave you without a home I am offering you the chance of living here with me and the lady I intend to marry, as soon as her family will allow it - or a house in Bath. I am quite prepared to purchase a house in Bath for you, dear Mama. My lawyers will make certain that you have all you need - but should you wish to visit either Horatia or myself we shall be delighted to see you.

I know you feel my sister has disgraced the family but I assure you that here no one regards it. She is welcomed by most of the local notables, though some visiting English do not wish to be known to her. However, her divorce is soon to be complete and then she will marry. I must tell you that she is expecting her husband-t-be's baby and very happy. We should all like to see both you and Antonia.

Your loving son, Robert

Hope everyone enjoyed this little series.

Next time it will probably be an excerpt until I think of something else.

Best wishes, Anne Herries

Friday, 22 April 2011

Regency Letters

Nearly at the end of the story. Never mind, I'll think of something else to entertain you with. I just wanted to tell my readers that Bartered Bride got a four star review in the Romantic Times. My editor was very pleased, me too.
the final part of a new trilogy has just been accepted and is coming to you in UK next year. There's another new Regency in USA and a couple more in UK this year.

Now, read the story:

May 1816

Dearest Mama.

I know you may never forgive me. I have shamed you and my family and if Melton carries out his threat Robert will be ruined. He says that Melton will find it harder than he thinks and is determined not to be bullied. You know now that Frederick has given up his career for my sake. His family were disturbed but he says they support him and he should not care if they did not, because he loves me more than his life.

Please Mama, do try to understand and to forgive me. In the end I had no choice but to leave England. My dearest Freddie says that you will always be welcome here and perhaps one day you will visit us.

I send you my love and hope you will not turn your face from me for ever.

I love you, Mama. Horatia

May 1816

My own dearest Robert.

How can we ever thank you enough for what you did for us that day? I think that if you had not stood between them Freddie and Melton would have killed each other. I know you have risked much for us and I wish it might have been otherwise. Forgive me for bringing trouble to your door.

You said you might sell the estate and come to us in Italy. How I should love that and I think the sun would be good for your health, but you might lose too much. Mama will be furious I know and my sister may not be allowed to receive letters from me, though I shall send them.

I shall not write to Melton. He may blacken my name as he pleases. I shall not defend myself. Freddie says he may pursue us but I think he will not trouble himself. Once he calms down he must see it is for the best.

Should you decide to visit us it would be a joy – and there is a villa for sale just down the hill from us. What happiness could be ours if you bought it – but the decision must be yours, dearest.

I shall tell you that I am as happy as it is possible for a woman to be and I owe much of my happiness to you, for without you I might not have had the courage.

Know that you have my love, dearest one, and write to me soon.


Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Excerpt Slave of Love

Marcus Wiverton, Earl of Wyburn, stood looking at his reflection in
the mirror. He saw the face of a nineteen-year old man, untouched by sin, pain or guilt, still as handsome as the night he had gone to her, the great courtesan—more properly known as the Queen of Lust.

Could it really be ten years since that night? He turned away from the mirror, glancing at the bed where the body of a young woman lay slumped in death. Helene Brockelton. She was beautiful, passionate and so full of life, now dead. Not at his hand but because of him—because she could not
live without what he gave her. And he could not love. He laughed bitterly, for the irony of his situation was that he was considered a wonderful lover. Women begged him to lie with them, because only he could satisfy their needs. Once they had lain in his bed no other man would ever be

It was not vanity that made him think as he did, but the simple truth. It was the gift she had given him that night—that witch! A groan of anguish broke from him as he recalled all the things he had done since then—the hearts he had broken, the lives ruined, marriages torn apart. He was known as a wicked seducer. Mothers warned their daughters not to speak to him, and yet they were drawn against their will…drawn like moths to the flame, curious, innocent and then willing slaves to Lust.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Latest Regency letter coming soon

I shall post the last few letters this week I hope, but I popped in to say that I am now on twitter @AnneHerries - so if anyone wants to follow please do and I'll follow back. I'm learning how to do it but I'm getting listed and a few followers, which is good. Today Her Dark and Dangerous Lord made a brief appearance in the top 100 again, but soon went. However, I can't expect them all to stay like the Lord's Forced Bride did.

I am working hard on a book several readers have asked for - Northaven's Story. If you recall, readers, he was the arch villain all the way through the Hanover Square series but so many people insisted that he was hiding a secret that I now have his permission to reveal his true identity to the world. His story is going to be fantastic and I thank the readers who prompted me to write it. He makes an even better hero than he did a villain.

Love to you all, Anne

Saturday, 2 April 2011

The Slave of Love

I think this is a great cover

The Slave of Love/Anne Ireland and Linda Sole, has gone up on kindle today. This is a collection of a sensual Regency novella and a mixture of modern and Regency romance short stories. It is the first of a series of books of this type that I intend to publish in kindle. The Slave of Love was first published by Amira Press of USA but most of the stories are unpublished previously.

The Lord's Forced Bride has done so well in kindle. Her Dark and Dangerous Lord is doing well but not as much as LFB. I have just completed my latest Anne Herries trilogy and now I'm taking a short break. I have various other projects lined up for this year and intend to be busy so a breather will do me good.

love to you all, Anne/Linda

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Regency letter

This is a better picture of my latest M&B. It is the third in the Melford Dynasty series. Number four is also out this month in a double book - The wayward woman. Fugitive Countess is already available as an ebook at Fictionwise.com

This is almost the last Regency letter. Enjoy!

April 1816
Letter from Lady Horatia to her lover.

My dearest love
It is with great haste and anxiety I write to tell you that Melton arrived last night. He caused a terrible row and threatened both Robert and I with ruin if I continued to defy him. Robert says I must remain staunch. He says I should go with you and go quickly. I fear it will mean your ruin too, my love. Perhaps it is best if I forget happiness and do as Melton demands, though Robert says he shall restrain me if I am foolish enough to agree.

I fear this means we should have to leave England, perhaps forever. How can I ask such a sacrifice of you? Robert feels certain it would be your wish. I shall resist for a few days longer. If you do not come to me by Thursday next in our usual place I shall know your answer. I will go there every day at the same hour.

If this is to be farewell know that I shall never blame you. My happiest hours have been in your arms.

Forgive me for the pain I must cause you whichever way you choose.

Your own for ever, Horatia

Hope you've enjoyed this series. Anne Herries

Monday, 24 January 2011

Regency Letters

Here is the post I promised a few days ago. The cover showing is for a Medieval book available only in kindle or from me at the moment. If you would like a pdf email me through the contact at www.lindasole.co.uk

March 1816

Letter from Lady Horatia to her lover

My dearest, it is with relief that I write to tell you that Robert is at least a little better this morning. We had a long talk yesterday and I think it has helped him to come to terms with his grief. Forgive me if I do not explain but it was told me in confidence.

Robert has asked if you will visit us soon. He wishes to meet you, dearest, and he is very much on our side. I know that my brother would stand by us if we chose to leave England together. Melton knows that I wish for a divorce but as yet he remains unwilling to grant my request. If you are certain that you feel able to leave everything behind and seek a new life together please come to me here soon.

Robert has urged me to do what will bring me happiness in life and I believe that I can never be happy without you. However, I could not leave my brother until he is able to cope for himself. I know you have been patient with me and I beg you to remain so until we can take our happiness at last.

Your own Horatia
March 1816
Letter from Lady Horatia to her husband Lord Melton

Sir, I write to tell you that I have decided I shall not return to your house, either in London or the country. When our son was lost nothing remained to us. I beg you to forgive me, but I know that you do not love me and I hope you will find consolation in your mistress.

Such bluntness is necessary at this time for we must speak plainly to one another. I do not wish to remain your wife. I beg you to reconsider and divorce me, but if you refuse I shall simply go away.

Forgive me if this causes you pain. I cannot think it ought for you have never offered me love. Yet I would have had us part as friends were it possible. Please believe that it was never my intention to hurt you.


Tuesday, 18 January 2011


The Anne Ireland book is not yet available but it should be in a few weeks. I'll let you know more then.

I want to say sorry to my viewers for not giving you a post for the past several weeks. I fell on the ice and broke a bone in my shoulder at the beginning of December, and I was in too much pain to type for a time. However, I am feeling better now and will be posting another Regency letter quite soon.

In the meantime, news for anyone following the Melford Dynasty books. Forbidden Lady and The Lord's Firced Bride. The latest installment will be out in paperback in March and is called Her Dark and Dangerous Lord.

I am thrilled about a new Regency trilogy I'm working on for M&B and I have lots of other things going on which I hope to tell you about soon.

I'll be back with the Regency letters post soon.
Love to you all and Happy New Year to all my readers.