Friday, 22 April 2011

Regency Letters

Nearly at the end of the story. Never mind, I'll think of something else to entertain you with. I just wanted to tell my readers that Bartered Bride got a four star review in the Romantic Times. My editor was very pleased, me too.
the final part of a new trilogy has just been accepted and is coming to you in UK next year. There's another new Regency in USA and a couple more in UK this year.

Now, read the story:

May 1816

Dearest Mama.

I know you may never forgive me. I have shamed you and my family and if Melton carries out his threat Robert will be ruined. He says that Melton will find it harder than he thinks and is determined not to be bullied. You know now that Frederick has given up his career for my sake. His family were disturbed but he says they support him and he should not care if they did not, because he loves me more than his life.

Please Mama, do try to understand and to forgive me. In the end I had no choice but to leave England. My dearest Freddie says that you will always be welcome here and perhaps one day you will visit us.

I send you my love and hope you will not turn your face from me for ever.

I love you, Mama. Horatia

May 1816

My own dearest Robert.

How can we ever thank you enough for what you did for us that day? I think that if you had not stood between them Freddie and Melton would have killed each other. I know you have risked much for us and I wish it might have been otherwise. Forgive me for bringing trouble to your door.

You said you might sell the estate and come to us in Italy. How I should love that and I think the sun would be good for your health, but you might lose too much. Mama will be furious I know and my sister may not be allowed to receive letters from me, though I shall send them.

I shall not write to Melton. He may blacken my name as he pleases. I shall not defend myself. Freddie says he may pursue us but I think he will not trouble himself. Once he calms down he must see it is for the best.

Should you decide to visit us it would be a joy – and there is a villa for sale just down the hill from us. What happiness could be ours if you bought it – but the decision must be yours, dearest.

I shall tell you that I am as happy as it is possible for a woman to be and I owe much of my happiness to you, for without you I might not have had the courage.

Know that you have my love, dearest one, and write to me soon.


Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Excerpt Slave of Love

Marcus Wiverton, Earl of Wyburn, stood looking at his reflection in
the mirror. He saw the face of a nineteen-year old man, untouched by sin, pain or guilt, still as handsome as the night he had gone to her, the great courtesan—more properly known as the Queen of Lust.

Could it really be ten years since that night? He turned away from the mirror, glancing at the bed where the body of a young woman lay slumped in death. Helene Brockelton. She was beautiful, passionate and so full of life, now dead. Not at his hand but because of him—because she could not
live without what he gave her. And he could not love. He laughed bitterly, for the irony of his situation was that he was considered a wonderful lover. Women begged him to lie with them, because only he could satisfy their needs. Once they had lain in his bed no other man would ever be

It was not vanity that made him think as he did, but the simple truth. It was the gift she had given him that night—that witch! A groan of anguish broke from him as he recalled all the things he had done since then—the hearts he had broken, the lives ruined, marriages torn apart. He was known as a wicked seducer. Mothers warned their daughters not to speak to him, and yet they were drawn against their will…drawn like moths to the flame, curious, innocent and then willing slaves to Lust.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Latest Regency letter coming soon

I shall post the last few letters this week I hope, but I popped in to say that I am now on twitter @AnneHerries - so if anyone wants to follow please do and I'll follow back. I'm learning how to do it but I'm getting listed and a few followers, which is good. Today Her Dark and Dangerous Lord made a brief appearance in the top 100 again, but soon went. However, I can't expect them all to stay like the Lord's Forced Bride did.

I am working hard on a book several readers have asked for - Northaven's Story. If you recall, readers, he was the arch villain all the way through the Hanover Square series but so many people insisted that he was hiding a secret that I now have his permission to reveal his true identity to the world. His story is going to be fantastic and I thank the readers who prompted me to write it. He makes an even better hero than he did a villain.

Love to you all, Anne

Saturday, 2 April 2011

The Slave of Love

I think this is a great cover

The Slave of Love/Anne Ireland and Linda Sole, has gone up on kindle today. This is a collection of a sensual Regency novella and a mixture of modern and Regency romance short stories. It is the first of a series of books of this type that I intend to publish in kindle. The Slave of Love was first published by Amira Press of USA but most of the stories are unpublished previously.

The Lord's Forced Bride has done so well in kindle. Her Dark and Dangerous Lord is doing well but not as much as LFB. I have just completed my latest Anne Herries trilogy and now I'm taking a short break. I have various other projects lined up for this year and intend to be busy so a breather will do me good.

love to you all, Anne/Linda