Thursday, 16 September 2010

Regency Letters 7

Another installment in my regency letter story.
Enjoy! Anne Herries

Regency letters 7

My very dear mother and sister.

I must tell you that I found your brother and son very ill indeed. Dearest Robert hardly knew me when I reached him and in his fever he called for someone of whom I have no knowledge. I think it is a lady but I did not recognise the name. I was able to comfort him and after some hours of deep anxiety, he came back to me. The fever has broken though he seems in low spirits. He has asked me if I will take him home and stay with him until he feels able to return to his regiment. I have agreed to do this and shall write to Melton and tell him of my intention. If my sister is well enough to part with her mama, I think my brother would like to see her once we are at home. However, I shall not desert him while he is so low for I fear that he might sink into a decline if he were to spend too much time alone.

I must go now, because he will be wanting me to read to him. We hope to return home in three days and you should send your reply there.

Your loving daughter and sister Horatia.

My dear Melton

I have your letter of last week demanding that I return to you in London. Forgive me but I find I am unable to comply with your request, sir. My brother is still very unwell and I shall not leave him until he is able to return to his regiment.

I am sorry that you feel I have behaved badly. I assure you that I have done nothing I regret or of which I am ashamed. If you feel that the situation between us is irretrievable I would be agreeable to a separation and an amicable divorce in a year or so at your convenience.

I truly believe that our marriage was a mistake and regret any pain I may have caused you.


My dearest and true friend.

Your letters have been a wonderful support to me in this time of my brother’s illness. I could not tell Mama or my sister that I feared he would die for they would have come at once and he was too ill. Mama is a dear but she can be very trying and my sister is still recovering from her disappointment.

I have written to Melton and asked if he will agree to a separation. I am taking Robert to his estate soon and shall stay with him until he feels well again. After that…perhaps you will come to me at the estate, where we may be alone and talk of the future? I am quite determined that I shall not return to a life that contains nothing but unhappiness.

However, for the moment I know you will understand that Robert must come first with me. I know something is troubling him deeply and I think he must have suffered a disappointment for he is very low. My brother has always been so strong and confident and to see him like this is distressing. I have hopes that he will confide in me soon.

I shall count the hours until I see you, my very best of friends.

You have my love and always shall. Horatia

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