Tuesday, 18 January 2011


The Anne Ireland book is not yet available but it should be in a few weeks. I'll let you know more then.

I want to say sorry to my viewers for not giving you a post for the past several weeks. I fell on the ice and broke a bone in my shoulder at the beginning of December, and I was in too much pain to type for a time. However, I am feeling better now and will be posting another Regency letter quite soon.

In the meantime, news for anyone following the Melford Dynasty books. Forbidden Lady and The Lord's Firced Bride. The latest installment will be out in paperback in March and is called Her Dark and Dangerous Lord.

I am thrilled about a new Regency trilogy I'm working on for M&B and I have lots of other things going on which I hope to tell you about soon.

I'll be back with the Regency letters post soon.
Love to you all and Happy New Year to all my readers.

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