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Captain Havers & the Abandoned Bride

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Here is an ecerpt from a new short Regency available at amazon.

Mary's Sacrifice had been in the top 100 for a while - and this is the book that follows it.

‘It is time you followed Harry Challenger’s example and found yourself a bride,’ Lady Havers said to her son. ‘Your father is not as young as he used to be and he wants to see you set up your nursery while he still has his health and senses.’

‘Dearest Mama,’ George said and smiled at her fondly. ‘I am glad to say my father is in excellent health and I believe I need hardly concern myself with an heir just yet.’

‘That is all very well,’ his mother shook a finger at him. ‘But anything could happen. You are our only son now that your brother…’ she choked on a sob and the teasing light left George’s eyes as he saw her distress. His brother’s death of a virulent fever some three years earlier, while he was away serving with Wellington, had been a blow to the whole family.

‘Forgive me, Mama,’ George said and touched her hand. ‘I do not forget Will’s death. You cannot know how much I wish it had not happened.’

‘You were away but your father did not summon you home for he knew that you were happy serving your country. Thank God you were restored to us – but we know how easy it is to lose a son and it would please your father if you were to marry soon.’

‘I have thought of it,’ George said. ‘There was a girl in Bath I liked quite well but she is to marry my best friend. I am off to the wedding tomorrow but I will promise you to think about it, Mama.’

‘I knew you would oblige your father if you could,’ his mother kissed his cheek. ‘You’ve always been a good son to us. Will was the scoundrel I fear, but such a charming one that everyone loved him.’

‘I loved him more than anyone and it is with great regret that I shall one day step into my father’s shoes,’ George said. ‘However, there is no changing what has been done and you are right to remind me of my duty to the family. I shall look about me for a suitable bride.’

His mother looked pleased and said she would no longer detain him. George left the pretty salon and went out to the stables. It was a bright morning, the sun shining despite a chill breeze. He hoped it would be warmer the following day for Mary and Harry’s wedding.

Since he had no more than fifteen miles to travel, George would not leave until mid-afternoon. He was promised to Harry for his best man and would stay overnight with friends of the family.

Shaking off the feeling of despondency that had come over him, he had his favourite horse saddled and set off for a wild gallop across the meadows. He’d known since Will died that he would have to marry for the sake of the family, but thus far he’d never truly met a woman he could love with his whole heart. He’d flirted with Mary Savage, as much to provoke Harry into proposing as anything, and he thought they might have suited, but Mary’s heart had been given to Harry and he believed the couple would be truly happy.

He could only hope that he would meet another young lady he could happily marry for the sake of his parents.

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