Saturday, 2 April 2011

The Slave of Love

I think this is a great cover

The Slave of Love/Anne Ireland and Linda Sole, has gone up on kindle today. This is a collection of a sensual Regency novella and a mixture of modern and Regency romance short stories. It is the first of a series of books of this type that I intend to publish in kindle. The Slave of Love was first published by Amira Press of USA but most of the stories are unpublished previously.

The Lord's Forced Bride has done so well in kindle. Her Dark and Dangerous Lord is doing well but not as much as LFB. I have just completed my latest Anne Herries trilogy and now I'm taking a short break. I have various other projects lined up for this year and intend to be busy so a breather will do me good.

love to you all, Anne/Linda


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  2. thank you so much fodoman. I try but do not get enough time. However, here I am.

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