Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Latest Regency letter coming soon

I shall post the last few letters this week I hope, but I popped in to say that I am now on twitter @AnneHerries - so if anyone wants to follow please do and I'll follow back. I'm learning how to do it but I'm getting listed and a few followers, which is good. Today Her Dark and Dangerous Lord made a brief appearance in the top 100 again, but soon went. However, I can't expect them all to stay like the Lord's Forced Bride did.

I am working hard on a book several readers have asked for - Northaven's Story. If you recall, readers, he was the arch villain all the way through the Hanover Square series but so many people insisted that he was hiding a secret that I now have his permission to reveal his true identity to the world. His story is going to be fantastic and I thank the readers who prompted me to write it. He makes an even better hero than he did a villain.

Love to you all, Anne

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