Saturday, 12 November 2011

Melford Dynasty

Because Readers are finding it a little confusing I painstakingly drew out a family tree but blogger wouldn't copy it properly so I've written the various marriages and the children of those marriages here, providing the titles of the books they feature in and their number. Because one was published out of sequence and another was published in a double book in Uk it isn't surprising readers are finding it difficult to sort out who is who.

I hope this helps.

Robert Melford married Melissa Whitbread. They had 4 children
Harry Catherine Anne and young brother who died in infancy
Available in PB and ebook UK & USA
Forbidden Lady is their book (Book 1)

Harry married Claire St. Cloud in 1507 and had 3 children
Annabel, Richard, Mary Fitzroy
Her Dark and Dangerous Lord is Harry’s book as well as his sister Anne’s book.
(Book 3)

Catherine married Andrew Earl of Gifford in 1501 and had 2 children
Sarah b 1502 and Anton 1503
The Lord’s Forced Bride is Catherine’s book (book2)

Anton’s story is Fugitive Countess: available in single ebook @fictionwise or in Wayward Woman double book at amazon PB & ebook UK as ebook at USA amazon.
(Book 4)

Anne married Simon de Montfort in 1507 and had one son Sebastien b.1508
This was book 3 Her Dark and Dangerous Lord

Children of Harry

Annabel Melford married John Devere in 1525 and had 2 children, Mary and Justin. Born. 1530

Justin’s story is The Pirate’s willing Captive. Book five but published fourth by M&B in error.

This is the Melford Dynasty so far. Another is on the way and when it is published I shall explain who Rupert is here.

People say they love the book and I hope to continue the Dynasty for a while and I'll update you on my blogs in future.

Love from Anne

PS Hostage Bride is a new medieval out next month.

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