Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Happy Christmas to my readers

I have been so busy of late that I've neglected my posts. Hopefully in the New Year the move will be completed and I'll be back to normal. I cannot wait to start writing regularly again!

At the moment I have Hostage Bride out, which is a medieval and I think my readers will enjoy. Next year there is a Regency Trilogy coming out in consecutive months, which should be good for those who love that period. Also I think there's a double book coming out in the spring, also Regency.

I had hoped to write a short Christmas story for my readers but in all the bother of getting ready to move it didn't get done. However, I hope to put something up for you soon.

As a Christmas gift to my readers, just email me at linda@lindasole.co.uk to receive a free copy of A Dangerous Masquerade - Northaven's Story.

Happy Christmas to you all and may 2012 be a wonderful year for everyone.

Love from Linda/Anne Herries

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